ARSocial is my second Imagine Cup project, this time for Innovation category. In 2013 edition I was teamleader of ARTeam which squad was: Michał Sondej, Norbert Pisz, Piotr  Dziedzic and me.

We built the system that brings current social networks to the next level. Every user has his own profile with real-time geolocation so we can always check if some friend is close to our location.  The same rule works for any events – if we like some, we can get notification about such event is taking place wherever we are.

Other key-feature that we use is our own tags. We have created square markers with any graphic we want inside. They can be read by our Windows Phone application and on the screen it is possible to render almost everything, for example we can create interactive restaurant menu or bus timetable. You can see how it works in project trailer below.

ARSocial let us get to the Imagine Cup 2013 Poland finals, so we were TOP5 in Innovation category!

Trailer of the project:

Imagine Cup 2013 Poland Finals interview: